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Re: What do you do when cars speed down your street?

I know about 10 yrs ago on our street (long before we moved here, so this is accdg to a few of our neighbors who have lived here forever), a lady petitioned the county to put in speed bumps on our street, and she kept going to city hall and making a big flap about it and so they finally did it.

Our street sits between two busy streets and one block back from two very busy intersections where the two streets intersect with a very very busy 6 lane road. So, it's a great shortcut for someone who wants to avoid the heavy traffic at the intersections. (probably hard to picture... sorry) I guess ppl used to speed down our road to cut through and avoid the traffic, hence the lady complaining and getting speed bumps put in.

I dunno, maybe that's worth a try?

Other than that, I can only echo PP's about teaching your kids the dangers of the street, not allowing them to go past the sidewalk, wearing younger babies whenever it's practical, and keeping a close eye.

I have 3 right now - 5.5, 4, and 18 mos. We have an average city sized driveway and then there's the sidewalk, and then the street. I get EVERYTHING ready to go out the door and I put it right by the front door. I unlock the car using the key fob from inside the house, let my older two out the door, they get in the car and start buckling (or, more often arguing over carseats or something LOL). I leave the front door open, grab the 18 mo old, go put her in the car, leave all the doors open (cause this is FL) walk back to the door, grab bags or whatever, lock the door, and then close all car doors, start the car, and go. Probably not the most ideal thing, but it works and no issues so far. I watch carefully from the front step as the older 2 get in the car to make sure they don't go wander somewhere, once they are in the car, I have to go grab the baby, which takes probably 30 seconds in our tiny house, assuming she isn't right at my ankles....

Could you maybe get a few of those huge irridescent signs to stick in your yard/driveway to encourage ppl to slow down? Like this?
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