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Re: Must have pregnancy items

1) my snoogle
2) maternity pants
3) apples (keep me awake in the afternoons)
4) cereal

that's all I can come up with. I guess pregnancy isn't much different from regular life for me except that I really cannot stand waistbands and belts and I'm nauseated all the time (hence the cereal). Oh, and my fetus doesn't like coffee, so the apples help.

I had workout dvds with DD.. well, I guess I still HAVE them.. but compared to what I did pre-pregnancy, I found them ridiculously boring. Mostly I walked - a lot - with DD. Now, I'm just trying to stay toddler active - like following her around as she rides her bike, etc. Maybe I'll start walking during naptime once the treadmill has been reset up since our big move.

ETA because all you mentioned it: supportive husband and a water bottle. but I have those things all the time, so I don't think of them as 'pregnancy items'.
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