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Re: Say something to the teacher or let it go...

Well we are switching schools/moving house next year so not sure if I want to take on the school lunch policy in this school....I'd also rather approach the teacher and get her take rather than going straight to the principal/school.

I do get that the short period is part of the problem, but I would also like the teacher to be mindful of this and try to let the kids get the full time. Maybe they need to leave earlier.

It's hard as I know her plate is full too trying to squeeze in all that she needs from the curriculum. For example, DS2 was out for 3 days two weeks ago as he had strep. So woke up with strep tues, couldn't get him into the ped until weds, then on antibiotic, so "contagious" until thursday mid day. Sent him back to school Friday. Well she sent home ALL the work he had missed. It literally took us an hour to two every day for the next week to catch up. He had about 10 math pages, 5/6 vocab items plus his homework, plus his work from the following week. So they have a heavy load, but like pp said, if they can't eat then they can't focus.

I do see that kids also goof around in the lunch room and don't eat, but I don't think this is the issue. He is a slow eater and is to the point of getting upset about this whole lunch situation. Maybe I need to focus on high protein foods that will fill him up quickly...
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