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Re: What do you do when cars speed down your street?

I would really focus more on teaching the kids the dangers because unfortunately, you can never count on the public to use common sense. That sounds harsh, but it's the truth. If you teach the kids that absolutely, positively, under no circumstances are they to go near the road then the trust lies with them instead of Joe Blow out there in the street who is late for work. I suppose you *could* call the police, though I'm not sure what good it would do. We actually had a hit & run fatality right in front of our house, and then another involving a dog a few months was a terrible place where the road forked and people ALWAYS sped through there. After the fatality I requested they put a stop sign at the fork to try and slow people down, but it never got done. Sad.

The only other thing you could do is to buy one of these signs to put in your driveway. Maybe it would help people use their heads about how fast they are going, at any rate.
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