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Re: Selfish with your baby

Originally Posted by Angel89411 View Post
I'm gonna have to say screw family here. Not their baby. Mom and dad decide how it is, end of story. I don't care if my wanting to protect my baby and keep him close upsets you. That is how it should be.

Op- in case it isn't obvious, I think your feelings are normal. Don't feel obligated to hand over the baby.
I dont know if you are referring to my SIL's case or OP's case.If you are talking about my SIL, then asking my family to screw off would be the most ungrateful thing to say. She'd have been very hard put if she didnt have us around to take care of her post partum. I just read the entire thread and Im guessing its a cultural difference, but the number of moms possessive about their infants is shocking to me.

"protect my baby"......does family holding the baby for a few mins automatically mean that they are out to harm him? Why not see the big picture that the family wants to adore the cuteness of your baby? That they are not out to separate the mom from the baby/lessen the bond. In some cases, I see that they do try to say an off handed comment/they are smokers/sick. Otherwise, I would love for my kids to have that connection with relatives so early on.
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