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Originally Posted by Bhavana
"protect my baby"......does family holding the baby for a few mins automatically mean that they are out to harm him? Why not see the big picture that the family wants to adore the cuteness of your baby? That they are not out to separate the mom from the baby/lessen the bond. In some cases, I see that they do try to say an off handed comment/they are smokers/sick. Otherwise, I would love for my kids to have that connection with relatives so early on.
It's not necessarily rational. I couldn't relax if I couldn't see/hear first DD, no matter whose arms she was in. I'm a bit more chill about second DD, so I suspect there was some postpartum anxiety crud happening the first time (after a long & difficult labor). But I mean I literally could not relax my body if I was worried DD#1 was crying in my mom's arms...and she cried all the time (turned out she had reflux).
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