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Re: Sale!! MyVeryBest diapers with gussets. Custom appliqued and scrappy diapers.

All Zorb II trifolds are on sale. Take 15% off the original pricing:

One Zorb II trifold measured appr.13" x 14.5" - 6.95ppd
One Size fits all. If folded along the longer edge, it is 13" long to fit smaller babies. If folded along the shorter edge, it is 14.5" long to fit bigger babies.

6 trifolds - $34.95ppd (shipping included) $29.70 ppd after the discount
12 trifolds -$66.95ppd (shipping included) $56.90 ppd after the discount

Fabric is pre-washed 3-4 times to reduce shrinkage. The soakers/ inserts are washed before shipping and can be used right away. From Zorb II manufacturer:

Zorb II takes up moisture 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp, and has a much greater holding capacity than any other product on the market. 1 layer of Zorb II will replace 2 layers of most microfiber terry and up to 4 layers of cotton or bamboo French terry.

It can be washed using home or industrial equipment and additives. It absorbency is not effected by hard water or with natural detergent deposits diaper-stripping to regain absorbency is virtually eliminated.

Wash: cold to hot OK
Dry: tumble medium
Iron: Warm
Bleach: No

This is the care standard for this item. It will stand up to very hot wash and dry however you can expect additional shrinkage, up to 20 % and fulling, up to 50% of the fabric when dried hot.

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