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Re: No pregnancy while bf'ing.

Originally Posted by snugglesnsunshine View Post
I have gotten pregnant 5 times while bf'ing. 3 ended in m/c and 2 healthy babies. Our hormone levels are not optimum for pregnancy so that does make pregnancy harder to achieve and maintain. But it can be done. With the 2 babies, I did wean immediately after a bfp.
If you're less than 30, your hormone levels should be better apt to achieve and maintain a pregnancy (bf'ing or not) The older we get, the lower our hormone levels.
oh, what I didn't know in my 20s... yep, I'm 36 and feel like I've been trying to get pg since I was 28/29. One DD, one DS, and one m/c angel in heaven... hoping for lucky number 4.
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