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Re: Kitchen storage solutions?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I guess it depends on WHY you're building up a stockpile.

If it's something that you just want to do to buy in bulk or if you're just preparing for the offchance that DH will lose their job, a disaster will strike, etc.

In one setting, you would want the food at your fingertips - i.e., the kitchen would be ideal. In the other, you could rotate stock on a monthly basis or so and therefore, the basement would be more ideal. If that makes sense.

My kitchen stinks on storage. We just moved her 2 weeks ago and I can't fit anything in here like I could at our old place. They have a ton of stupid lazy susans in the cabinets and I therefore cannot use the corners, etc. I only get the space on the lazy susan and it's not enough. I could probably cut my tupperware/whatever cabinet in half or even less if I was realistic with how much of it I REALLY use. I mean, we have leftovers, but they get cleared out on a weekly basis or less - I don't need all the plastic and glassware that I have. That would get me half a cabinet back and a ton of space for canned goods.

I also have a hall closet that DH thinks I should use as a pantry, but I've been hesitant because it has appliances in it - breadmaker, rice maker, waffle maker, etc. But, I COULD reorganize that closet and end up with some shelves for canned goods too.

I don't know if this will help, but hope it does!
We want to build it up just in case. My husband did lose a job in 2011, he is working again but I want to be prepared JIC.

The pantry I have was kind of a hall closet, it is in the back entry way by the basement steps. There is a lot of space but I can only reach four of the shelves lol, yes I am short. So the top three I need my husband to reach and get stuff.
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