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Re: How do you keep your body in shape between pregnanies?

Ugh. I had 4 kids in 4 years and becuase of csections and the ban on working out after them for 12-16 weeks, i have a hard time with this. I can 't workout due to abdominal/incision pain for the first 6-7 months though and by that time i am pregnant again! Ah!
This time around though i was finally able to start a regular workout routine when #4 was around 9 mos old (its at night when they go to bed). I am now starting to lose weight and get into shape and dh and i are being very careful not to repeat the past pattern (working out = pregnancy, that is). If we do decide to have a 5th, i told dh i would really like to lose 20-30 lbs. before.

I love to workout and am active on the farm and with the kids.... my problem is portion control.... because we drink raw milk, eat real butter, etc., i need to be way better about it. If only dh was more supportive!

All this to say, i have not stayed in shape between pregnancies, but i am hoping to change that (yay condoms... kind of ).

My mom says, "i only kept 5 lbs. From each pregnancy. The problem is i had 7 kids!" Haha
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