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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
Hilary - get a popcorn popper for your counter. THe popcorn has fewer calories as you add your own stuff to it. I get shakes that are made for popcorn with little to no calories in it. Makes the popcorn much healthier than the microwave crap. I use 0 cal butter spray and cheese shake for a low cal snack.

Frozen fruit is great for beating the need for ice cream. It is cold, sweet, and refreshing. It is also very low on calories so you can eat a lot of it.
good ideas!
Originally Posted by sahmofthree View Post
For snacks I keep hard boiled eggs and sliced cucumbers in the fridge at all times. I don't like sweets at all, so am not a huge fan of fruit. I'm the type of person who just tends to eat the same things a lot, so it doesn't bother me to only have a couple snack options. Plus I try to chug water like crazy all day, that really helps more than anything.

So far so good here, yesterday was fairly good, and today is on track so far! I'm not weighing whatsoever until Friday though, as I know it'll be depressing to see how much I've gained from my screw up so I'm hoping to lose a couple pounds of water weight before Friday.
I have got to find a way to drink more water..I never get enough.

How long do hard boiled eggs keep in the fridge? I literally have like 4 or 5 dozen eggs right now so I might have to make that my go to snack. I'm not a huge fan but I'll get over it.
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