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Re: Lesson in futility or persistence?

20x a day might be overdoing it. It is a chore for a toddler to sit on the potty and then wash their hands.

In the first week I'd take DD every hour and she'd successfully pee once, maybe twice a day. Sometimes she wouldn't sit down. Sometimes, she'd sit down and do nothing. Sometimes, she sit down and hop right off. She'd wash her hands and then she'd have an accident while drying her hands. So frustrating! September was the longest, most frustrating month, EVER. However, my DD would light up and clap her hands with every sucessful pee. If your DD does that, she gets it. She just needs to learn to control it. She's still learning from every wet accident.

Don't feel like you have to be stuck at home. My DD won't use public toilets, so I take a little Bjorn potty with me everywhere. (Initially, DD wouldn't use it, but she finally got the hang of it.) It comes with us to the park. If we go anywhere in the car, DD pees in the potty in the back of the car. We've gotten up in the middle of dinner at a restaurant to go pee in the car. She pees in the car if we've gone grocery shopping and it's been an 1hour since she last went. I have a stack of prefolds in the back of the car, so I soak the pee from the potty and throw it in a wetbag. I have DD wear long tunic tops or dresses, so she's not exposing herself too much.

ETA: I carried a something like 5 changes of pants and underwear when we went out to eat two weeks ago. DD went through ALL of them. The following day we went out again and she stayed dry and used her potty just fine. Remember, she'll have good days and bad days.
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