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Re: Kitchen storage solutions?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Oh I get this completely. I can only reach the bottom shelf of my kitchen cabinets. It's ridiculous. I have to use my Stepstool to get a sippy cup. So, basically, to do anything.

I think this kitchen was designed for giants.

But if it's just a jic type stockpile, you don't need to reach them often, so it's okay to use those top shelves. And get a Stepstool
Oh man, if I tried to use a step stool I would probably die lol. I will try to explain the set up in a clear manner haha. Okay you walk in the back door, straight in front of you are basement stairs, a slight turn to the right there are three stairs that lead to another door, the door into the house and kitchen. My "pantry is on the side of the stairs.
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