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Re: Woah Nelly! So that is what ammonia smells like!

Originally Posted by thtr4me View Post
Here it is, great thread!

And diapers came out of the dryer last night when I got home from work and smell FAN.TAS.TIC!!!!!
who hoo! I'm still loveing the stuff too, sometimes I get soem light staining if the diaper was pretty icky to start with. Like when she gets those dark sticky tar like diapers We had one in the last bath it came out smelling great and way cleaner but not totally stain free its sunning right now and it was the ONLY thing that showed some staining, however more imprtant and the msot important thing for me is my DD skin has been WONDERFUL even the few times a messy diaper has gone unchecked we have almost no redness and nothign a bit of baby powder and a new diaper wouldn't cure..
My old tide made the diapers brighter now that Ive used this a while I do see a little difference in that regard but they are smelling fantastic, stains are virtually non existant and DD skin is amazingly clear. Its doing a great job on our other clothes, I do notice if its a heavy dirt/mud soiled load I do need to boost the detergent, so I'm adding some borox in with DH clothes (gardening) ans sometiems towels if the girls have dragged any outdoors. Its great though on all the general toddler spills takes out chocolate milk great something tide was jsut so so on. and that is an every hour on the hour stain these days.
I'ma almsot out so I hope to get more tommorow I'll serious cry if they are out..
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