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We select/delay vaxes. My oldst reacted to Prevnar/HiB, so I held out a while and researched a little more. All of my kiddos have had DTaP, MMR, and Polio and are up-to-date on those. We will do CP Vax at 13-14, as well as HepB and probably even the cervical cancer one. My main beef is that they do too many too soon, I like to delay mine til babies are a bit older, and only do one injection per leg, finish the series, then do another one. They have many combo vaxes, so this last baby got Pedarix. I have always believed in vaxes, but I don't expect them to work 100% of the time. I also got WC as a teen and was vaxed, so I know they don't That said, they do tend to work a lot of the time.

I agree w/ whomever posted that HepB was basically and STD and a baby is not at all at risk for it. Infact when I had my twins my SIL had her baby the same day so we shared a room. Her Dr. came in and asked about doing it before leaving the hospital. She was uncertain and asked his opinion. He started out saying "Well, it is basically an STD, and you are really only at risk for if it you engage in risky behaviors like sex or IV drug use..." I thought he was being really honest... then he went on to say something to the effect of if you were in a car crash, a good samaratin stoped and helped and scratched his arm, he had HepB, a drop of blood happened to get into the babys eye.. and she would have it! Yikes! So, lets just go ahead and give it to her now so we won't have to worry. ANd she will be covered for life. Seriously, this is why you should vax your baby for HepB in the hosptial... and yes, she did. I just kept my own council, my babies were not This is one I think should be given at puberty, and I will at that time.

CP, this is up to you. We had CP here this summer, it was seriously no big deal at all. If you have an immune compromised child I can see getting it, or if your child gets older and hasn't contracted it. I didn't take mine to the Dr., so it's not documented, so they will either have to have the vax or an exemption from now on.

I really wish Drs would be more open to discussing the pros/cons of each particular vax instead of following the schedule.
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