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Re: Going pat 41 weeks...really dangerous?

Originally Posted by calleiah View Post
To my knowledge the only study actually done on still birth and timing was conducted in the 50's. It is the study most quoted. *To my knowledge* there has been no comprehensive study on the subject since that study. It's possible something has come out recently, but if it has, I haven't seen it, and Im kind of a research freak. You are absolutely within your rights to ask her to site her sources and backup her statement. You have the the right to read and draw your own conclusion. If you BPP looks good, sono says your placenta is doing fine, I see zero evidence for induction.
Um, the meta-analysis I quoted looked at roughly 700 papers published from 1980-2000. That's certainly past the 1950s. Most of the scholarly articles (which are accessible fairly readily by Google search, even if you can only read the abstracts of most of them) I've looked at--and I restricted my search to articles published from 2008 forward--have study cohorts in the tens of thousands. The information is not difficult at all to come by.
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