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Originally Posted by deezee02
Maybe i change my kids a lot, but we still go through at least 10 diapers a day for my 3 year old. I change her every time she pees or poops, or every 1.5 hours (no matter what). Same with my yds. I used 1 wipe for normal diapers, but 3 for dirty (that is cloth, more for disposable). With newborns, I swear I was changing at least every hour, maybe every 2 through the night...I remember one day we went through 24 diapers in 1 day.

Do my kids just pee/poop a lot?
I think most kids probably eliminate the same amounts, but may be able to hold it longer so it's the same amount but less diapers... Does that make sense? And some people expect diapers to hold A LOT and leave their kids in soiled/wet diapers until they are soaked through. I prefer the method you described so that they learn to prefer feeling clean and immediately recognize and dislike the feeling of being wet/soiled, and learn early to communicate about it.
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