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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

It sounds like his death wasn't caused by being 42 weeks, though, but instead by the long induction and the cord issues. If it was to do with his cord, it may have occured at any gestational age with labor and birth.
If he had passed away before the induction I would be more likely to put some blame on him being 42 weeks, but not with the other stuff going on.
I've read that the cord can lose its elasticity as it ages and doesn't do as well with compression? I don't remember there being any complications prior to the pushing stage. They also thought size played a roll. Just too squished in there.

Originally Posted by songbird516

I've heard this story before and I took away a very different message. What if the induction contributed to the stillbirth? A woman in my doula training course lost a baby during an induction at 42 weeks, and felt strongly that her baby would have been alive if she hadn't been forced into the induction. I don't think that I would schedule a c-section if my baby died during an induction, but that's just me.
I know a local mother who lost a baby during a homebirth; baby was breech and the cord was compressed in some way during the end of the birth. For their second they chose a hospital birth, but still allowed labor to start on it's own, labored naturally at home for almost the entire labor, and didn't make decisions based on the fear that the same thing would happen during the birth of the second baby.

OP, here is an article from a midwife that discussed inductions and addresses some of your concerns.
We can all say what we "think" we would do but until you're there in those shoes I don't think anyone can really say. Her OB discouraged her from a planned c/s but imagine the anxiety and stress she would be in most likely in the same room she gave birth to her son in and the sadness she felt. Same nurses, same drs, induction, etc. I don't blame her at all for choosing a c/s. And yes the induction may have contributed to it, but it could have been his size combined with the age of the cord and whatever else on top of the induction. They would have induced at 39wks to avoid the size concern but she didn't want to go there and I respect that. I had considered a homebirth for DS6 and had planned to before he was ever conceived, but after she lost her baby I let fear take ahold of me and just couldn't risk it. I understand the POV you have, I just don't share it.
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