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I totally had the whole postpartum anxiety thing going on with DD. I would let family hold her, but I was a nervous wreck the whole time. Not because I don't trust my family. Just because I was a hormonal, emotional wreck! I was able to recognize that I was not being rational and would let others hold her, but it took a very conscious effort to not snatch her back after a few minutes.

Most of my family was good about giving her back if she was getting upset. If she started crying i tried to coach in things that would soothe dd and give it a minute. If it didn't work most would give her to me no problem. MIL on the other hand, would let her cry for a very long time if I had let her. I had to physically remove a screaming dd from her multiple times. Sure, I know MIL raised two babies, but I just don't see any reason to let DD cry and get upset just for the sake of not hurting MIL feelings. MIL is a grown woman and can get over it.

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