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Re: Fake BGE?

Originally Posted by Two-under-two View Post
I just bought 2 BGE off eBay last week. I'm fairly new to CDing, so didnt even think if "fakes" should be a concern. I got my package yesterday, and there are a couple major differences in comparison to my authentic BGE. I don't have pictures to post, but the first difference is the color of the inner fabric. The two off eBay have tan inner fabric, compared to the off-white of my others. Also, the two off eBay are missing the cotton babies tag that is behind the bumgenius tag. Does anyone know if there are fakes? Is there a different "older" style of BGE's? the only ones I've ever seen before now, have the light cream/off white color inner fabric.
Of Course reading this I had to go look at mine.

They were purchased in 2009 and have been washed at least 75 times and the inner fabric on all three is still the exact color of your blossom (I do have hard water, I have never noticed any discoloration). I do not, however, have two tags, only the one front bumgenius tag, so older ones definintely only have the one tag. Mine says made in the USA.
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