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Re: Say something to the teacher or let it go...

Originally Posted by badmisterkitty View Post
YES! Say something!

We are going in for P/T conferences next week and I am going to mention the same thing! I hate, hate, hate to ask the already-busy teacher to make sure my kid is eating quickly, but I have to. She's coming home famished and she's so irrational and gets upset soooooo easily. It's been really disruptive to have her like this.

I suspect they are eating a snack mid-morning then lunch not long after that. Of course she's not hungry, she just ate! And she's only got 20 minutes to cram her face! No wonder by 3 she's a death ray of hunger.

I've taken to packing high fiber, high fat, and high protein foods so that little bit she DOES eat goes further. I'm even sending Carnation instant breakfast in her thermos because I know she'll drink it all because it's chocolate. Anything to get her full fast.

It might not be ideal to take away from class time to get the kids lined up, but it's certainly not ideal to take away from valuable lunch time. How much could it hurt their academics to get ready for lunch BEFORE the lunch bell rings?

Okay, I have to rant off-topic for a know why America has an obesity problem? Because kids are being forced to cram as much food in as they can in a period fo time that's so short that their body isn't able to even tell them they are full. I know this isn't related to your problem, but the reduction and elimination of phys ed programs and these tiny little windows for lunchtime are the underlying reasons for all this school lunch changes. Fix the underlying problem and the bigger problem will sort itself out.
oh my gosh, I totally agree! When my oldest dd was in first grade she ate school lunches (we got free lunch). She only had about 15-20 minutes to eat. That, combined with all those calories, added up to her gaining 15 pounds that year. The next year I started sending her lunches. It didn't help much. I started homeschooling her the year after (not because of the lunches, ) and she slimmed out considerably. Unfortunately because of being forced to eat quickly, she eats so fast now that she is "still hungry". I have a rule that she can't have seconds until fifteen minutes after her firsts. Usually by then she is full. It's definately a problem!
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