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She didn't know she was pregnant!!!

I can't help it, I just have to share!! I'm so excited!! One of my best friends since childhood is pregnant! But her story is the best part. She's been married like 8 years and they DO NOT want kids, never have. She is so scared of pain (any kind) and she's an only child. But I'm always threatening to replace all her Birth Control Pills with little candies so she can have a little one. We've joked about this for years. Well she only has like 2 periods a year. Her periods have always been weird and all over the place. She takes the pill just in case and so every month before she starts a new pack of Birth Control Pills her doctor has her take a pregnancy test since she doesn't have regular periods...... Well on Monday she calls and she went to take her monthly pregnancy test and it came up POSITIVE right away!! She of course freaked out and went to get a blood test right away which also came back positive. She was hysterical, shocked, scared, excited, everything. Her doctor told her that her first appt would be in November at her 8 week mark. That was Monday... yesterday she bought the book "what to expect when you're expecting"... So this morning (wednesday) she said she felt fluttering in her stomach already. She freaked out and called her doctor who said let's get a sonogram so we can see if you're further along then we thought.........

She's 3 days shy of her 3rd trimester!!!! And it's a BOY!!! She had no idea!! She's put on 2lbs and the baby is 2lbs right now. So Monday she got a positive test and Wednesday she already new what she was having!!!! I'm throwing the baby shower and I'm so excited! She's really excited now!! I always knew she would be a great mom!! I can't wait!!
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