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Re: Sunbaby os diapers/alva diapers/ awesome blossom

I have done a coop to buy Alvas. It's basically a group buy so there is some savings but it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get them. I have also purchased from good_seller003 on ebay, who is their official ebay seller (a woman named May who types English well). I ordered 20 diapers for a friend for a shower gift and had them within a week, it was very fast. And still pretty cheap.

I think they are a great economy workhorse diaper. They go from 7 to 35 pounds and have really cute prints. You can stuff them with anything - I have some bamboo blend inserts that are more absorbant than regular microfiber. And I have been told that the diaper industry in China is pretty well regulated so I don't have any more qualms about buying Alvas then I do shopping at Walmart. If you have other questions feel free to ask. I have not bought any sunbabys yet but people I coop with seem to love them.

Awesome Blossom is just someone who orders from Alva and asks Alva to put their own tag on, which Alva will do (I have "Fluffy Bums" that are also Alvas). So plesae don't spend the extra money for Awesome Blossom, it is the exact same product.

Alva wet bags are also great. Hope this helps!!!!
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