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Originally Posted by Bhavana
But you have to understand that the family also wants to cuddle the newborn, even if its for just a few mins because for over 20h of the'll be with mom (assuming in all the baby is held by others for 4h..which is likely a LOT lesser than that since the baby gets carted back to the mom the second it starts to whimper)

If babyhood is such a short time for you (it IS. AGREED) its even shorter for your family because they get to see it for just a few hours when they visit. And all babies stir maternal feelings in most people (adolescents not included!)
While I still definitely don't like it, I do agree with this. It made me realize that they get to see her for very little time while she is this tiny and precious.
However I don't agree and absolutely hate when people try to leave the room with her screaming and crying to try and soothe her. Why would you have to leave?! To soothe her in a way that I wouldn't let you if you were in my view or because you don't want me to take her to soothe her according to what she probably wants/needs. Either way very wrong and completely inappropriate. I hate when people take her and refuse to give her back when she's screaming! She fell asleep while my niece was holding her the other day and now she thinks she can soothe her and refuses to give her back when she's crying!

I also do babywear a lot and especially I do so on purpose when we are going somewhere that I know I won't want others trying to hold her.

But we have In laws and their kids coming and SIL is very bold and I already know will be wanting to hold/soothe her when she's crying. I also am preparing for all the judgment and "tips" for parenting she has for me.

HELP?! I'm kinda shy and don't know what to say in these situations when they don't want to give her back? Especially with SIL, the best way I guess I can describe her isBOLD, not afraid to say what's on her mind... I just know what to say especially with our sounding rude.
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