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Originally Posted by lissydoll99
I think stretchy wraps are easily outgrown at 4-5 months. Which is why I can not imagine even purchasing one. The store i work at carries them, and I try really hard not to recommend them(bad I know) but it just doesnt make sense to me.... I am going to go with getting a woven wrap, and use it for my 2 and 3 yr old and new baby when the time comes.
They're sooooo easy for newbies though. I still can't do anything but FCC with my woven, which just wasn't snuggly enough when DS was a newborn.
The time has come, my online friends, to talk of many things:
Of flats, and wool, and all in ones - of breastfeeding and slings-
And why our bed is cramped at night,
and the joy my children bring!
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