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Re: Sunbaby os diapers/alva diapers/ awesome blossom

Originally Posted by avismomma816 View Post
So with ALVA... There are different series; what the best? I want the best for My dd bc she is petite. What is coop? Can I purchase from the website itself?
The different series are just the different releases. Some are double gusset, some are not, some are minky (soft outer), some are not, some have fleece, but most have suede cloth. They are all comparable and I would not say one is better than the other, it's mostly just the print release.

A coop is a group buy, usually on facebook. You order through a host who places a large bulk order so you get a discount. But, yes, it does take a little longer. If you search "coop" on FB and then select "groups" a couple of the more popular ones will pop up. You need a referral to get into some of them.
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