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Wow mama. My advice is to get out of Mississippi! That state is pretty much at the bottom of my list of states I would be willing to live in. At the very least switch to the other school. Don't let school break your child down. I went to 10 different public schools all around the country and while there were a few good teachers thrown in, it was a bad overall experience. The most bible belt it ever got was this little town in Virginia. I moved there in 6th grade and it was awful. My family wasn't religious either and I was constantly picked on, called devil worshiper, etc... My brain can barely handle the concept of a school that still paddles children. If you spank that's your business but no one other than you or your husband should ever lay a finger on your child. Honestly if I was in your situation I would probably have to go bail SO out of jail because he would go beat the teacher up.
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