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Re: Madison, WI Area Play/Swap Group

Originally Posted by Nightowl Jan View Post
These are the things I was thinking we could have for the swap: diapers, covers, wool, fleece, maternity clothes, diaper bags, and natural toys like wooden and fabric things that are in good condition.
sounds great! wonder if there are certain diapers/covers/wool etc that mamas (and dads) would like to try to see in person before buying or trading/swapping - for example - I don't know what interlock looks/feels like in comparison to knit items or sbish knit that I have - I know we are spoiled with Nicki's, Happy Bambino & Satara to check out most diapers/covers but maybe there are some things people could bring to share and discuss not specifically to sell I guess kind of like "show and tell" with diapering items anyone interested in something like that or should we focus on your list Jan?
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