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Re: Lesson in futility or persistence?


I don't even mind the messes. I have a huge pile of prefolds and hardwood floors and a bottle of biokleen. And every night, I've been washing panties and prefolds and whatever else to fill up the washer.

it's now been almost 3 hours since she's peed. The kid just seems to be learning to hold it and I don't want her to get a UTI.

I put her on the potty at 5pm and I tickled her and all sorts of things to make her laugh, hoping that she'd relax and release.

I would feel so much better about the process if she'd just pee in the potty. Today we've had maybe 3 accidents, 0 potty catches and 1 wet naptime diaper. It's almost bedtime, that's not enough pee!

as for patience, I have actually been crazy patient over the last couple days. The only snapping I've done has been over some whining. The last time we tried this, I filled her with tons of liquids, it backfired and by the end of 2 hours, she would tantrum if I even brought a potty near her.

DH was surprised to still find her in panties when he got home because I texted earlier and was like 'I am done!!!', but I'm trying.. I really am.

I told him about the 5 outfits at dinner incident you had and he was like 'oh no, I do not want to deal with that'. You still win the persistence award.

It does feel like there's a ton of pressure to potty train. Guess what MIL bought DD for her birthday? Training pants and undies. Her 2nd comment after we told her we were pregnant (after the excitement) was something about how I need to get DD potty trained.

anyways.. that's a lot of venting.

thanks for the encouragement. I feel like something has to just 'click'. surely something will click. Other than 'wait for nighttime for a diaper'. Which, when I initially set out to learn about potty training, I intended to night train at the same time as day training, but we went through wet beds awhile back and had to get more absorbant night diapers and it was horrible.
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