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Re: Another wwyd about school...(kids not college)

I'm not even sure what to say. I didn't even know they could still paddle in school. They forced your child to fail a grade even though she should actually be ahead a grade? I'm religious so I'm trying to imagine how I'd feel if someone was preaching to my kids about a different religion. I don't know if that would upset me too much. I might use it as a teaching experience on other religions, what people believe and how to respond in a way that is kind but says you're not interested. It'd depend on the child though, their age and what she was saying. If she was telling them they're going to burn in hell or something, I'd be mad. She shouldn't be coming to your house though to try to witness to you. That's overstepping her bounds. I'd be upset about that.
Your daughter doing poorly is a big red flag. I'd pull them out and try a new school. It could have detrimental effects for the rest of her life.
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