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Re: Selfish with your baby

Originally Posted by aemarques View Post
HELP?! I'm kinda shy and don't know what to say in these situations when they don't want to give her back? Especially with SIL, the best way I guess I can describe her isBOLD, not afraid to say what's on her mind... I just know what to say especially with our sounding rude.
Are you BFing? That was and is my fall back when family/friends think they can soothe DS and don't want to give him to me -- I tell them that he is hungry and only I can help him out with that unless they want to try BFing him. And with ILs, I found when the kids got really fussy and they wouldn't give him or her to me, I would say "Maybe DH can help soothe LO" at which point they would usually give baby to DH and DH would hand baby to me. It's like they just didn't want ME to have the baby and quiet him/her down. It is a round about way of getting baby back without minimum amount of fuss and distress for baby.
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