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Re: Class Project: Why do/don't you buy WAHM diapers?

How much of your stash is WAHM made?
I have about 20 WAHM diapers, about a quarter of my stash

How did you decide to buy those brands (reputation, just fell in love, etc)?
Some of them I bought because they looked cute and said they would fit the size I needed. I've been unhappy with a few WAHM diapers but the majority I love. Now I buy from WAHMs that I know will fit my daughter well either from previous purchases or working with them during testing phase and custom measurements. New WAHMs that I purchase are generally from Facebook groups that I am a part of and have developed a sort of friendship with. I know that there is a resale value for an EUC diaper if it does not fit my kiddo.

How pleased have you been with your WAHM purchases (and why?)
I have been pleases with most of my WAHM purchases. I fortunately have only had one bad experience with a WAHM that had to go to PayPal disputes. Other WAHM purchases have had excellent communication, amazing quality and fast shipping. I had one diaper that the snap was broken on arrival and she fixed it promptly and a different WAHM diaper the elastic gave out after 6 months. She replaced the elastic, no questions asked. I love the customization that is available with WAHM diapers. My 11 month old is 37 pounds and it is difficult to find diapers that fit her well commercially.

Why don't you buy more (or any) WAHM diapers?
I have been!

If money were no object, but all other situations were the same (WAHM stocking schedules, uncertainty about brands) would you have a fully WAHM stash?

And can I PM you if I have further questions?
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