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Separate Family Cloth?

Not sure if anyone does separate family cloth, but I use it for myself and have been using my daughter's wipes for the potty for her now that she's potty training. I know some people say it's fine to share family cloth; I actually think most families share it. I'm not one of those people, though, so was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. My family (I guess "personal") cloth and cloth pads and liners get washed together as I end up w/ enough to do a small load, and I was thinking of washing my daughter's on her own but was wondering how long hers could go between washes. I know I'm not being totally green, but I only want to use them for urine and since my daughter doesn't have a period or anything, I was just wondering if I could get her a larger stash so I could wash them separately.

My other question is that we use our 2 bathrooms all day long, so I'd really like to have our cloth stashes in each bathroom and separate small trashcans in each, but don't know how I'd store everything. Currently, I have a trashcan in one bathroom so I use tp in the other bathroom (which I don't want to do any more) and my daughter's used ones are stored in her travel wet bag. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
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