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Re: Did you have to have a credit check to foster?

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
yay for craigslist deals! gas killed us when we had newbie dfd with visits 5x/week across town ! luckily the visitation office is just a few miles away now and thats where most visits are but hers were in home. i have had a person commment to me "yeah i hear theres good money in that." i was so shocked i started a thread about it here lol!

also why aren't you on wic yet? i get on wic a day or so after a placement if i have to sit in the SW office to wait for the documentation. no i've never really had to do it, i just say can you write a letter i'll pick it up and thats been fine so far. formula is too expensive especially with 2!!!!
I think maybe if I was on WIC before I might have known what to do. I had to ask my case worker who just told me to google where it was. The hours are terrible. I think its from 8am-11am and 1 to 4pm. So I had to find a time that my dh could be home to watch all the other kiddos. I had to go in twice. It seemed like there should be a lot easier of a way to do it since all foster children qualify. So yeah, about $300 that we could have saved. 5X a week for visits! I found that another agency by us has transporters. I'm friends with the director of the agency and I'm debating mentioning something to her. I mean they kept telling us that with the new requirements of 3x a week they'll have to work something out to help us foster parents but they really haven't, at least for me. I think if I just flat out said I can't do it, then my case worker might help with some of the transporting but I feel bad giving her more work because she seems already really busy. I feel like they should reward those of us who do all the transporting with like $5 or something to help with the cost of gas.
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