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Re: When did you decide to just call it quits as far as CD'ing?

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
I packed it all up at 24&26 months with my boys. When we committed to potty trainning, we committed. Lol. Only used trainers for a week and only out of the house, we intentionally stayed home for the most part.. Both trained without much fuss after 3-5 days..
This is pretty much how DS potty trained. He was close to 2 and a half. I put all the diapers up and told him there were no more diapers for him. Let him pick out underwear and that was that. We stayed home for like 4 days. Then we went out and I kept a mini potty in my trunk for a couple months. Then we did away with that. The only snag I ran into was night training. That has been...err...more difficult. I found a couple trainers I like. The stuffable kind seem to work well for nights. We only needed day trainers for a couple wks when going out.

Fwiw, my ds didnt really have any interest in going on the potty. Once he had some successes, he got more into it. But he didnt have those blaringly obvious signals everyone talks about. He would go long stretches then FLOOD his diapers. We had the same issues with fit (he was 32lbs and outgrowing everything). Everything left red marks. BGs were too tight, so i bought thirsties duos...too tight. I tried and tried. I did like large knickernappies but i pretty much had to pay someone to buy them from me and i lost a lot of $$ on those. So in the end i cant say if i shouldve done sposies or not. Idk. I guess not doing sposies helped in a way bc we went from verrrrry bulky cloth to undies and let me tell u---ds was thrilled to be in undies. He acted like he didnt wanna wear em one day so i pulled out a dipe and super stuffed it. He had it on for about 4 seconds before deciding he did want his undies afterall .

U absolutely have to do what is right for u. If its sposies, do it. If its trainers, do that. If its more cloth diapers--U know we will all be there to help u shop
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