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Re: Want to use cloth pads but need help. Anyone?

Originally Posted by crystalanne79 View Post
there are also many different fabrics to consider
I personally will only use minky or bamboo velour because they are so incredibly soft and make me feel pampered. I also love that minky is stain resistant.
I agree about the velour and feeling pampered which is great when you're feeling less than great. I have obv topped ones from Homestead Emporium. They're expensive (got them back when I had more money), but well made. I also had a friend make me some cotton velour liners. Both are backed w/ the same Malden Mills fleece. I have one minky one and it's stained. I don't rinse mine at all and just put the dirty ones in a small swing top trash can (doesn't close all the way, so there's some air flow). Since I hate stains, I custom ordered mine in marbled, dark maroonish-brown obv. This way, you honestly don't see stains at all. I wash mine w/ country save detergent but might switch to a cheaper option eventually. Since they were expensive and I love them, I hang them to dry most of the time but will dry them on low if I have people coming over and don't want them to see that I use cloth pads. I hang them on these and they work great. When I'm out and about, I have double-sided wet bags that I use. Got one from Happy Tushies and another from a DS wahm. This is all an investment, but I still use all of this regularly (including when I work out of the home and stay at a relative's house for a week) and have for the past 4 years or so. Good luck and enjoy. I only regret not trying them sooner. One more thing, I highly recommend wrap around wings that close w/ plastic snaps. I promise this is the last thing, pay attention to the length of the pads you're ordering. I luckily got mine through a custom order because the regulars were huge compared to what I need and am comfortable with.
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