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Re: BGE worth the $

I tried BGEs and Grovia, and here were my observations:

Both have similar cotton inners, but the Grovia has one flap plus an optional snap-in soaker. The BGE has that circle of fabric sewn in.

I used both for quite awhile and we always preferred the Grovia (and I don't say that just because I'm trying to sell my stash, LOL!) because:

-- Much more trim. MUCH. The BGE always had a lump somewhere, from that weird soaker, even on the biggest rise setting. I'd pull and tug and mess with it, and it never went away.

-- The Grovia can be even more trim (and less laundry) by leaving off the snap-in doubler. I was really surprised how much they held ... Half the time I didn't use the doubler, on a toddler who only peed 4x a day.

-- Nights. Grovia I just put in a second doubler, and it fit trimly still. BGE was harder to add absorbency to.

-- Wash & Dry. The BGE were MUCH harder to keep clean, and to dry. They took twice as much time to dry in the dryer and even then came out a bit damp. They also stank very easily because it was hard to get them clean.

-- Easy poop removal on the Grovia, since the flap just flips out. The gathers at the legs are different too (Grovia have an elastic casing that is soft; BGE has hidden elastic underneath, installed in a way that left red marks on LO's legs).

-- Grovia move more with the kiddo since they have huge side panels that stretch, and not just little tabs that stretch.

-- I also had fewer problems with the Grovia rise snaps letting go when I tugged the diaper up to adjust it. BGE rise snaps let go all the time when putting the diaper on.

-- Daycare started using the Grovia like trainers by leaving the hip snaps loose!!

The Grovia do take an extra step because of the separate doubler, but our way it took less time than getting a BGE straightened out: I didn't snap them in, I just layed them on top. This made it even easier to get the poop out, too, because that doubler acted like a liner.

The BGE is getting outdated in design, I think. I bet the next generation will be like the Freetime. That way the soaker is sewn in just doesn't work.
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