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Originally Posted by kkilikina
For us, that means poopy underwear (DS doesn't care, and I'd rather change a diaper) or that he'll hold it (and end up with diarrhea-like stool). Yesterday, he started going in a diaper and I noticed in time to get him to the potty - we sat on the potty for nearly an hour (watching tv) and nothing came out. I put a diaper on him because I had to get the baby down for a nap, and within 90 seconds the diaper was full.
Oh yes.

We had DD on the potty after 3 hours of her refusing to pee. She still refused. And we let her off and she peed all over the floor. Put her back on 'to finish' (yeah right) and when I take her off, she poops her panties.

If you figure it out, please send me a PM
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