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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Hiya everyone and Trace thanks for asking I'm doing okay here... not super chatty this week because it's been sorta lousy and I feel like such a party pooper lately and don't want to be a drag

I had more bleeding on Tuesday but it's tapered off now. I've also been really uncomfortable and kind of crampy, but not like m/c cramps, and also different from round ligament pain which I also have plenty of Not fun. So I've put myself back on bedrest for the most part. I totally freaked out last night because it was pretty heavy and I had a hard time finding a heartbeat, but I found it nice and strong a little to the right and got a protest kick in response . And then again today I had a hard time finding the hb, but seems our bean has moved up which is very reassuring for once!

DH and I had a long talk till the wee hours of the night last night and talked about our Marshall and his birth and what he looked like, etc (he stopped growing at 15w3d). It struck me that this baby is the same size that he was, even bigger now at 16w4d, and that we are getting closer and closer to a take-home baby. We are both feeling more and more hopeful and there's a very peaceful calm about this pregnancy that we didn't have with any of our losses... although this stupid bleeding freaks this mama out! But even with these scares, I'm still holding on to hope

I guess that wasn't too debbie downer today. If I can get through a few more days without bleeding and feeling crampy and gross I'll be more chatty. Just trying to keep focusing on the positive as best as I can.

Welcome to our new mamas, and so far it looks like more good news all around for everyone - keep it up! I love everyone's happy updates
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