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Re: Kitchen storage solutions?

How much counter space or wall space for shelves do you have? I took all my spices, baking powder/soda/cornstarch/etc type stuff all out of drawers and cabinets and instead have them in wooden wine boxes I got from Costco. My contractor put a shelf right in the middle of it and when the wine box is on it's side I have a double shelf. I have four of them lined up on the wall at the back of one counter. The spices and oils/vinegars/etc are all lined up in them, along with baking type stuff, and vitamins. On the top of the wine boxes is all my tea and then large glass containers and mason jars with dry goods. I buy bulk flour, sugar, wheat flour, brown sugar, rice, pasta, beans and nuts and then put a usable amount in the large glass jars and store the rest in a place that is accessible enough to dig into once a month or less frequently with a little work.

Does this make any sense? Haha, I can't tell if this description works at all because it's in front of me at the moment.

This freed up TWO cabinets and TWO whole drawers that now hold like half my kitchen stuff and all glassware. It gave me so much space.

ETA: I am next going to do this with my veggies along another wall/counter

I was flipping through channels a few weeks ago and saw this, and decided I NEED to do it
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