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Re: tell me this toddler phase will pass?!?!

Originally Posted by wigglers View Post
It has to be a phase! I'm half there with you. DD did this all summer - wouldn't wear her skirties etc. (turned 2 in May). In fact she refused anything wool.

Now that it's fall though, she seems to be more open to it. I am crossing everything that she'll want to wear wool this winter! But now she's PLd so our spring longies don't fit and don't have elastic waists.

Why do they have to have such opinions already???? They have the rest of their lives to dress themselves!!! GL.
LOL! I agree!!!

Originally Posted by Skybaby712 View Post
I haven't tried sbish so I don't know if it is the same, but maybe she will like interlock? If you haven't tried that already. Hopefully tomorrow will be better
Nah, she's out of diapers so it's not a matter of using wool as a cd cover, it's just that we have a nice stash of lovely pieces and some custom pieces ITW already.
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