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Re: Next step?

We're on day 5 of potty training DS who is 2 years, 9 months. We waited until we KNEW he was ready cause we also have a 5 month old and life has been too crazy to dabble in it until now. (Though I should say that we've been talking about the potty since he turned 2, bought some training pants, a potty seat, a potty chart, let him sit on it when he wanted, showed him how mommy and daddy go, etc but didn't actually try to train until now.) He had 6 accidents the first day, and then he has had 1-2 pee accidents each day since but has been pooping in the potty fine and is napping and sleeping at night without a diaper fine. Here's what has worked for us:
-Naked time, or pants/shorts with no undies. He thinks underwear is a diaper. We even let him pick out CARS underwear at the store that he really liked, but he calls them diapers and if we put them on him, he pees in them. So commando it is. Including naps and bedtime (we didn't do that until today though, we've been putting diapers on him for naps and bed until now but he has been consistently waking up dry and today he told me "no more diapers" so I went with it).
-We checked out the "Once Upon a Potty" dvd from the library, put his potty seat in the living room and let him watch it on repeat while sitting on his potty the first 2 days. He LOVED it and wanted to do exactly what they did in the video.
-When he poops on the potty he gets to call people and brag on himself. He's so proud of himself we've called all the grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, etc. Haha.
-The treats he gets are semi-sweet chocolate chips (just cause that's what we had on hand).
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