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Re: Say something to the teacher or let it go...

Today wasn't so bad, but he still had about half his lunch, but I think I overpacked today so that's ok. He got the full 15 mins today it seems or at least he didn't think they had been delayed - obviously I'm trying to ask him in a casual way!

I'm going to rethink his lunch and try for the high protein, fiber, fat as you said badmisterkitty. Part of me is VERY reluctant to "teach" him to eat faster to be honest. I just think it's a bad habit and bad manners. It's the complete opposite of how I teach them to behave at home if DS1 is eating crazy fast, I tell him it's bad manners etc. I'm not normally a fan of protein type drinks but I might look into the carnation esp as this guy is my skinny, not a big eater one.

So funny as he was at the Dr last week for strep, well they weighed him and he was 43lbs. I was really concerned as he had been 50lbs in august as he JUST made the rockwall weight limit cut off. I was telling the Dr how he barely eats at school and is that why, kinda freaking out that he lost a huge amount of weight, Dr said I have to speak to the school......but then decides to reweigh him as the nurses weighed and did the height wrong on my LO the previous week( I told Dr that they ALWAYS do it wrong when he questioned the height) sure enough they weighed him wrong and he was in fact 50lbs. But for 10 mins I was freaking out that he had lost 7lbs in a month...ha! He had been holding on to the railings when they weighed him....
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