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Re: Next step?

I agree with eileprose. I tried since the birth to age 5 or something like that book said to try once they could undress themselves at 2ish is when we hit that with my oldest and it was on and off til like 4. I also realize that we moved and that didn't help as my inlaws stated with a clan of 4 kids that trained at different ages and they too had a move with some.

Just some other input too from other moms I talked to about this is that when starting early you will have ups and downs and lots said that it took longer to train the kid if started too early. If you are due the older child might feel like changes are the way to get attention and refuse to train til later. So even if you do get som4eplace before he might revert just to get attention.

We rewarded too and that didn't seem to help to finish the potty training for us. WE tried the cheering as another suggested and that was a no go too so each child is different just like some still wet at nights til like 10 yrs I have heard (mainly boys).
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