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Re: Selfish with your baby

I'm totally with the OP on this. It's my baby, and *I* want to hold her/him. I spent 10 months growing this little person, and now I am so bonded, and feel so fiercely connected, I don't want to share. (Except with baby daddy). And I don't have to. After a few months, I am more willing to let people hold the baby. But not until I am comfortable.

The baby isn't going anywhere. (Especially if they are protected from germies). They will still be little in a few months. Until then, you are welcome in my home only if you are there to pamper me. (I don't get having people over to play with baby so I can clean when I'm already an exhausted, hormonal mess). Please, do the dishes. Yes, you may clean my bathroom. You may also bring me food and massage my shoulders. But no, you may not hold my newborn. You want one, I can explain how to obtain one of your own

I totally get not wanting to pass the baby, and feeling anxious when someone is holding *my* precious little bundle. I baby wear, and say "baby's nursing", or "baby's sleeping", or "time to nurse". Your normal op.

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