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Re: Parenting style: Raising a person

Originally Posted by dissidentdad View Post
I'm going to assume from your signature your children's ages. I don't know your financial situation, but let's assume it's not good (I hope this is not the case). If she was angry at you for bringing another child in to the world when you can barely take care of the ones you have I feel she would have the right to be angry with you. To suggest that people bring other people into the world for only noble reasons is not correct. She may disagree with you but that does not make her wrong, that makes her opinion different than yours.
Yes, the siggie is correct.

But, not relevant. I am not saying that my child being angry with me is wrong...I am saying that her identification of the emotion AS anger could be. She DOES have some negative emotions about this baby coming. Part of my job as her parent is not to tell her she doesn't have them or that they are wrong. Part of my job as her parent are to help her figure out just which negative emotions they actually ARE. If there is fear, I have to help her figure that out. If there is anger I have to help her figure that out. If there is jealousy, I have to help her figure that out. If there is resentment I have to help her figure that out. I cannot assume that there is no jealousy there, just because she insists there isn't. Because I also know that she is ashamed of feeling jealousy, so she never wants to admit to it. That doesn't mean it's not there. That just means I have to help her identify the emotions that are there.
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