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Re: Vaccines

I am selective vax and DS has not received any yet. Ad of right now my plan is the Dtap trio starting at 1 year. Then HIB and PC when he is old enough to only need one dose to receive immunity. Then MMR, and polio around maybe 3 and 5. At around 12 I will give him varicella if he hasn't had chicken pox yet. He will have Hep B and A in his early teens. I still need to do research on Meningococcal. He didn't receive rotavirus and will never get flu or HPV. I am not 100% set on this schedule. I have read so much and it has all kind of blurred together in my subconscious so I am just left with my general impression for each one. Honestly right now my gut says to not do any and i may push DTap back farther. If we make any plans to travel overseas we will vaccinate appropriately for wherever we plan to travel. I also want to look into homeopathic vaccine which from what I understand use the virus put without the crappy ingredients, I may be wrong on that though. I think it's worth looking into at least.
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