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Re: Class Project: Why do/don't you buy WAHM diapers?

How much of your stash is WAHM made?


How did you decide to buy those brands (reputation, just fell in love, etc)?

I knew the moms from Diaper Swappers or other forums

How pleased have you been with your WAHM purchases (and why?)

Most have been fantastic, but one brand did not sit well with me, not only did I have a problem with some of the construction, and a failure to make it right, but I didn't care for some of her postings on Facebook.

Why don't you buy more (or any) WAHM diapers?

Because I don't need any more diapers! Also, the non-WAHM diapers I have area all from a reputable US-based company that was started by a mom who started her business out of her garage, so even though there are manufacturers, they are a small business, and I really think that where one draws the line of "WAHM" is splitting hairs here because women who started small are behind all the "big brands" which are still small businesses. Almost everyone who buys a cloth diaper other than the cheap e-bay pockets, is supporting a mom in this country, so I don't feel guilty buying a name brand.

If money were no object, but all other situations were the same (WAHM stocking schedules, uncertainty about brands) would you have a fully WAHM stash?

No, because my all time favorite diaper is not a WAHM diaper, but I would have more of them, because some of them are so gosh darn cute!

And can I PM you if I have further questions?
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