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ACK! Now I am starting to panic!

So contractions this week...and in particular today and tonight...indicate to me that this baby is coming SOON. I am officially 39 weeks on Friday and don't expect to make it to 40 weeks anyway, never have, so it makes sense. But I really do think we will be seeing baby this weekend. Like Friday. I am feeling pretty sure about Friday.

Until today, I have been pretty laid back about everything. Like packing a bag-we live so close to the hospital that I was unconcerned about that. Or making a plan for what to do with my younger ones, I was ready to just play it by ear.

Now, suddenly, PANIC! Like I realize there is so much that I SHOULD do and I don't think I am going to be able to get it all done! I am suddenly feeling like I have a BILLION things I need to do, and no more time to do any of it! Things like clean up so that if someone has to stay the night with the two little ones, like if we end up at the hospital delivering in the middle of the night, whoever stays can get to what they need to get to. Or making sure that there's enough food for breakfasts and lunches...I do have dinners though.
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