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Re: Vaccines

Originally Posted by NiNi View Post
It's always easy for people to say that vaxs don't cause issues. When their child has never experienced an issue.

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I saw some funky reactions in my ODD and called her pedi. I was confident beyond any doubt they were caused by the vax. They said "no, that is not a reaction caused by the vax." I took her for another round, same weird reaction. I called again, "Nope, not caused by the vax."

...It was so weird!!! She kept getting sick on the evening of getting vaxed, and then got better within about 72 hours... Isn't that just the strangest thing???

ODD is totally fine, normal, even advanced in some ways. I have no worries about her. All of her reactions were nothing severe. But still, it makes me wonder how many TONS of other side effects go unreported or simply ignored or brushed off.
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